Relax Into THIS Experience.

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Relax into THIS experience.

That was the mantra that kept playing in my head over and over again the first morning I meditated in my new room in Portland, OR. It’s the mantra that I’ve been falling back on throughout this entire transition.

I’ve officially relocated to Portland, OR, and I’m pretty sure this is the Yoga capital of the NW. I am experiencing a bit of overwhelm at the amount of yoga studios and yogis I’m encountering (not really something to complain about…but still!).

My brain doesn’t really know where to start. Between the whirlwind of the move, learning a new city, and all the inspiring people I’m encountering, I’m feeling a bit discombobulated. I keep watching my mind jump to potential future endeavors…then it starts to make lists of all the things I’ll need to accomplish to get to these new goals…then it starts to get stressed out because how am I ever going to find the time to teach at 75 new amazing studios, start an all girl Kirtan band, volunteer at at least 3 charities in town, eat at all the amazing restaurants, see all the live music, talk to all the cool, funky people, etc…


I start to feel tension build in my body as my brain puts more and more pressure on me to DO ALL THE THINGS.


Then I remember to be here. Now. To just be and breath. To relax into THIS experience.  Because, quite honestly, this experience is pretty damned fantastic.


When we experience big change, it is very normal for the mind to freak out. Even when all the changes are theoretically “good”. It doesn’t do well with unknowns and will constantly try to find anything and everything to cling to, to control, to plan for. All in the name of feeling secure.


But here’s the thing – The sheer act of seeking security CREATES a feeling of insecurity.


I’m not saying you shouldn’t plan for stuff and be pragmatic. I’m saying that along with the planning, you’ve also gotta let go and trust. You’ve got to remember to be in the HERE and the NOW.


Take time, even when you’re super busy and overwhelmed (ESPECIALLY when you’re super busy and overwhelmed), to tune into your breath, your body, and the experience that is happening RIGHT NOW. Relax into it. Allow your body to soften a little. Allow yourself to open up and tap into your innate sense of gratitude for life.

Staying open to life and trusting your intuition can be kind of scary and disorienting, particularly when you first start doing it (I’m speaking from experience here, people!). However the rewards are beyond measurable.

I encourage you to keep at your practices that help you to stay grounded and open to the HERE and the NOW. The practices that remind you of your true nature; which is love, and trust, and reasonless joy.


They don’t need to be big, time consuming things. Maybe it’s just spending a little extra time petting your cat, or gazing up at the trees, or laughing with friends. Whatever it is, do it fully. Give yourself that gift. You deserve it. 

Jennifer Noble